Our Booking System

Anyone who has not booked before under our new online system should spend a couple of minutes reading the following. It describes how our system works and explains what you will receive from us at the various booking stages. 

It makes things much easier when booking if you can book with a partner (as in leader and follower) at the same levels. We keep class sizes to a maximum of 25-27 couples. We try to balance leaders and followers on all levels so there is little standing out during a class. This can sometimes mean you go onto a waiting list when booking on your own until we can balance leaders and followers again. If you do want to book on your own then do it early to be confident of getting a place.  

The Bookings page shows a summary of all the options you can book - leaders, followers, the various levels and now also the option of paying separately for the evening dance at a discounted rate if you plan to come. Important - the evening dance entry is no longer included in the overall price. You can click on one of the options and it will take you to a detailed item with more description. You can now in the usual internet shopping style - Add to Cart. From here you can then return to the pick list and choose any other options you want.

Once you have finished your selection (remember the dance option...) just click on the Cart button and you will be transferred to the online payment section. You can check your order looks correct before proceeding to payment. Then go to check out. The first two entries - email address and phone number are required by the payment platform (Stripe). You must fill these fields in. You then need to enter the information we need at Leicester Lindyhop as part of your booking. After this information is received you will be taken to the online payment.

Upon payment you will receive an automated confirmation email that your transaction has gone through and that we have received your money. Once we receive the booking information we will check that there are places available. You will then receive an order Fulfilled email which is your confirmation of a place on the workshop. As this is generated manually from a member of the Leicester team then you sometimes might have to wait a couple of days for a response. If there are no places at that stage we will let you know and check if you want to receive a refund or if you want to remain on the waiting list. If you opt to stay on the waiting list then once a place becomes available you will also receive an order Fulfilled confirmation. If you have stayed on the waiting list but we cannot in the end offer a place then we will make a refund back to your account.